We offer quality care & attention for your equine partner. The emphasis is on keeping the horses in as natural an environment as possible whilst still treating them equine athletes. Horses are kept in small, socially compatible groups or in pairs and they’re rugged based on their individual needs, not as a fashion statement!

Diets are worked out for each horse and based on high roughage content, as nature intended and of course, only top quality fodder is used.

Our well maintained paddocks are grazed by rotation, and numbers are limited to prevent overgrazing.

Agisters have full use of the facilities and it is a small yard with a friendly atmosphere. There are many trails in the area, most being accessible with very little road riding and these only quiet lanes.

There are two kinds of Agistment offered: Basic or Full care. 

Basic care:

This type of Agistment is suitable for:

  • Resting or lightly worked horses throughout the summer months,
  • ‘good doers’ who need minimum rugging in Winter,
  •  the owner who is more hands on and is available to do rug changing etc for themselves.

Horses are fed once a day and live in a large shared paddock (up to 4 horses). We prefer that horses in this situation are kept unshod at least on the hind feet to minimize injury to other horses.

Prices for this type of Agistment start at $70 per week plus feed.

Full care:

This type of Agistment is suitable for:

  • Horses in full work i.e. competition horses
  • Horse requiring more care especially in Winter
  • Busy owners

Horses share a smaller paddock with a suitable companion horse, or may be kept individually by dividing the paddock in half with electric fencing. They are fed at least twice a day and rugs changed.

 Prices start at $100 per week plus feed. 

Optional extras

Naturally there are many optional extras available when agisting at Maybelle Farms, here are just a few:

  • Stabling;
  • Lessons with resident coach;
  • Schooling/exercising;
  • Special training packages available on request;


Out the back of Maybelle Farms Equestrian Centre

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